At first

Ability to find research themes

Every researcher is free to find his own research themes, and the ability to find good themes is the very thing required by companies.

An engineer who can find good themes by himself has a far stronger influence in his belonging organization than those who just follow instructions. In the past, individual companies used to provide newcomers with educational opportunities to improve their ability after their taking a post in the company. Nowadays, however, companies can no more afford to offer such luxury to newcomers. In other words, the ability of working with one’s full capacity from the start is very much required by companies.

Fortunately, students can always train and improve their ability to find good themes through preparation for graduation thesis or thesis for master's degree. Thus, I can tell you that your research activities at the university are offering you a wonderful and precious opportunity to heighten your ability to the utmost level.

Presentation ability

If your research result cannot be understood by others, it turns out to be meaningless. In order to have other people well understand the result of your research, you need to have good presentation ability.

For this end, it is necessary that you understand, first of all, the result of your own research perfectly and also have good surrounding knowledge.

Therefore, it is a very good opportunity for you that you make presentation of your research results whenever and wherever you find chance. I urge you to actively participate in various meetings and present the results of your research. If your presentation was able to attract users' attention, you will then be able to continue discussions with them and get more incentives and ideas for further studies.

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