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What is the IT revolution?

Looking at the Chart on the right-hand side, you will see that the IT technologies have been developing drastically. Please note that vertical axis is based on logarithm. In this Chart, the number of telephone calls correspond to the conventional technology and the rest is based on IT technologies.

And among IT technologies, the number of the Internet units (the number of equipment connected to the Internet) has increased 200 times during the past 10 years, and the Internet backbone volume (the amount of information flown into the Internet) 3,000 times during the same period. It is the first time for human beings to experience such rapid progress of technologies. This is the reason why people say that we are currently amid the period of IT revolution.

Soon or later, everyone and everything will be connected to the Internet and the Internet will become a natural thing for everyone just like the air. The difference in distance will be overcome and at least in the information society all borders will vanish.

Not only human beings and materials but also technologies will be connected to the Internet, and that will offer you new research themes and their application. In this way, the IT revolution is profoundly associated with the progress of network technologies.

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